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This soft coy winter

This is what last sunday felt like… dander…dew…fresh gras, a woodpecker and a chubby sluggish fox passing by.

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Introducing sheep Molly

The pretty one with the green patch is Molly (I guess…?!) She seems very much interested in what goes on in the world, especially around the fence. I think she thinks I’m weird. But what do I know… Btw – if you are into the sheep-talking-theme, check “Three Bags full” by Leonie Swann. A delicious […]

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Sugared landscape

I might have heard the first snow in my dream, but then again – why was I so surprised… Slowly dragging the blanket in a linus-matter-of-style (peanuts) I drag myself to the garden door. The landscape sugared, the air frosty and smoky what a beauty! there is just one perfect way to start such a […]

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