Thursday, 7 February 2013

Yesterdays effort paid off. Obviously.
The model was super sweet and motivated.
A chocolate assortment was always in reach.
My camera still works.

I think I’m slowly getting into the swing of things again…

Still have to oil some screws but the progress is measurable

Originally the post was named “FUCK OFF I can fly {awesome fashion pictures included}” and meant as a pun for the last comment. But I thought it might be rude. For the models sake. Not my own. I don’t give a damn ;)
Except – maybe I do. Rude language belongs to dark stories and not to pretty pictures :)

10 Responses to “I can fly”

  1. Foot Worship says:

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  2. luna says:

    Simon…The stuff you know or heard of worries me…A lot of people died because they knew too much or the wrong stuff. Are you sure you don’t live dangerously? Do you want to? Total recall….and all that.
    My motto: everything can be arranged ;) I can talk to Jeannine!! ;)

  3. luna says:

    C4!? I guess I need borderlink to order THAT one too ;)
    good stuff is usually unavailabe ;)

  4. luna says:

    @Simon :) I hope I will take the obstacles better this time.

  5. luna says:

    :D Thank you
    You know you will soon have no excuse to not help me out! :)
    I think I really want to get back into it.

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