Thursday, 12 July 2012

Here comes something vegan for rainy and cold summer days.

Inspired by 101 Cookbooks – Leek soup I pulled the witch kettle out of the cupboard, sliced, frizzled and eventually brew some soup. Without frog legs, because it is vegan.

I mostly followed the original recipe but tweaked a little bit here and there to simplify the whole process – I am such a lazy witch :) – and added a personal touch aka get rid of the butter and more spices.


1. I exchanged the butter for oil (because I avoid diaries)

2. I cut the potatoes in tiny slices so I did not need to mash them.

3. I added the broth together with the potatoes because scraping the bottom of the pan is simply annoying and requires too much attention.

4. I added caraway seeds and ground pepper.

5. No almonds and no cheese on top.

Enjoy this soup with toasted bread. Rub garlic on it’s surface and drip a little olive oil. Delicious.

Now grab your blanket and enjoy a book.

2 Responses to “Midweek leek soup”

  1. luna says:

    :) Enjoy!
    I guess in Germany and England one can relish the few sunny seconds and sunbathe with an umbrella and socks at hand… (half joking)

    I am not vegan too (love rib-eye!!) but I avoid dairy (cow), pork and poultry and therefore in search for creative and voluptuous vegetable meals.
    The soup is nothing fancy more a cozy grandma brew :)

  2. zenobie says:

    this looks really good. I am by no means a vegan although it’s interesting to see what tasty things can be created without the use of certain products. Also the sun is shining now here for the first time in weeks! bliss for one day :-D

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