Monthly Archive for June, 2012

The claustrophobic man

‘It is not that trite,’ said the tall mustached man, ‘You see, it all shatters with the fact that I have a very small bed. I am afraid of my own bed! Imagine that!’ The psychotherapist felt at a loss. They had been discussing how to avoid tight places for the last eight sessions eliminating […]

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Early summer in the garden

I will soon head back home – to my husband, my rabbits, my garden. I had a small glimpse at what will await me during my video chat yesterday: one palm-long small cucumber, roses in bloom, marigolds, hop growing rampant… It is very hot here and my grandfathers grapes are quite big, although still green […]

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Me myself and Elvis

While I have been busy gardening, particularly finishing this patch before I leave my bunny Elvis has been stalking me suspiciously playing hide and seek having brunch reevaluating today’s options entertaining me with some binky and presenting his cutest side After about three hours he went inside to stretch like he never stretched before ♥ […]

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