Tuesday, 15 November 2011

La Palma – canary islands, also known as ‘La isla bonita’.

Anyway, I am back from La Palma although I would have rather stayed there and enjoyed the landscape some more.
I don’t want to talk about food in general or sweets in particular right now. Or about bananas (boy, haven’t seen so many bananas in my life) or dizzy heights.
But the volcanos were breathtaking. I see myself returning to that peaceful place and not coming back.
The reason being – we are now 3 days in the new house. With tons of cardboard boxes around and above and about and well almost everywhere I am not sure I would find my head when needed, hadn’t one brilliant genius put it on my shoulders.

But since I brought back some picture goodies and I am eager to share.
Here are a few of my favorites from the north near Roque los Muchachos, where the famous observatory is.

Magic hues – red, yellow, orange and everything in between.
A fiest for the eyes, a joy for the soul.

You might have missed it … but I LOVE ROCKS. And colors. And colorful rocks.

As soon as I am better installed I will prepare them (along with some others landscape snaps) for print.
I wonder if anyone else fancies them or if it’s just my bizarre rocky phantasy. Sky weirdo turns rock weirdo. hummhumm. Please do say you find them at least inspiring ;)

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