Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I inherited some kind of a gift. Or call it a nuisance – talent for seeing things that are not there, or maybe they are but not visible for the human eye. Enter imagination.
So let me introduce you to my coffee reading abilities and I promise you – it will be fun!

I see tree people. They are tall with limbs like cacti, rising from the dark abyss of my unconsciousness. The one on the left is different from the others. Maybe he is the boss. Maybe he has nothing to do with the rest of them. He has a mustache and a strange hat. He smokes a pipe. He is very aristocratic, pensive, waiting, patient. He is not really alive though. I like to think of him as the reason man.
There is a monster between the tree people too. He is tiny, fat and has a huge mouth. He screams very loud because he wants to be taken seriously by the tree people. They don’t care about him. He is too loud, annoying, tantrum driven.
There are stars everywhere. This is a good sign. The complete mess isn’t. The tree people stretch towards the sky, the sun, the beautiful world outside. It seems as if they want to get out of the damned cup, the prison, me. They feel trapped and long for light. Some reach over the boundary and escape.

Moral of the story: I need to make my tree people feel at home or else I will be left alone with the monster and the aristocrat.

I would love to read your coffee. Send me a picture and I will look into it :)